I worked in the Real Estate Lending and HOA Management industries for all of my work life. I was ruled by preciseness every day. There was little room for creative ideas that didn’t fall “inside the lines”.

Ready or not, retirement was upon me. The big question was “what do I do now?”. Taking some courses at Mt. San Jacinto College, I discovered ceramics. That was the beginning of my journey into several mediums of creative art.

Remembering the fun times that I had with my children when I made up bedtime stories that included fanciful critters, I focused on that when I began creating my ceramic art. As I was creating each of them, I realized they all had their own stories to tell.

I began a story about a Seahorse Family and specifically about Stoney Starr Seahorse and his life in a south seas lagoon. I began to research that part of the Pacific Ocean, learning about the various creatures that inhabit the southern seas. All of a sudden, I have a children’s book. Since then, I’ve completed two more books and I am looking forward to publishing them as well.

Now I’m having more fun than a retiree has a right to, creating my critters and stories.

Have you ever wondered what happens within King Neptune’s kingdom? Set in the Maluku Islands, also known as the Spice Islands, you will follow the adventures of Stoney Starr Seahorse and his family as they live and play along with their deep-sea friends. Sullivan, Stoney’s father, is a knight of the realm and is tasked with the responsibility of keeping the reef and lagoon safe for all who live there. Have fun with all the baby seahorses, including Stoney and his sister, South, as they play with their friends, the baby cardinalfish, until a great danger enters into their lagoon! What is it? Will they be safe?

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